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Shinybass journal entry 03-17-14

Off the road this week…


I know it’s not terribly exciting, but I’ve been very domestic this week.  And I will be in the week to come.  Not being on the road has afforded me the luxury to do all those things I dream about when I am on the bus : Laundry, dishes, cleaning house.  You know, rock star stuff.  It’s actually not all been bad. I had family visit this weekend, and we were actually able to take in the Billy Joel concert and hit a hockey game, as well as eat an awful lot.  I don’t want to bore you with (more) inane details of the weekend, but here’s a little tidbit for you.  If you are part of the hot chicken movement in Nashville, try 400 degrees.  We tried a ‘sampler’ basket, where we ordered a 100, 200, and a 400. This way we could ramp up to the hot heat.  The 100 was a very tasty chicken tender.  It had just the right amount of spice, and was made fresh.  +1.  The 200 had more kick, more spice, and would be the top level of heat for most mortal men and women.  It wasn’t uncomfortably hot, which made it a great eat as well.  +1.  Then came the Legend of 400.  Good gravy.  I only recommend it if you are well-versed in the Upper reaches of the Scoville scale.  It will maim if not respected.

And here’s a news flash – winter is over.  You won’t feel it today, or maybe this week, but the worst is behind us.  Get your tomato plants ready.  It’s planting time!  I will take any and all help with the garden this year, so bring a shovel.  Free peppers for all!

I’m keeping this one short this week, since reporting on projects-in-progress are not really that fun.  I’d rather show you things than talk about things.  I hope you enjoyed the Spring Training video from Maryville, AZ.  Again, thanks to the Brewers for having us, and if you are in the area, go see Hank the Dog.  If you didn’t catch the video before, give it a peek :



See you on the road!!!

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