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Shinybass journal entry 10-10-11

So kiss me, and smile for me…

There’s an old one-line musician joke that says ‘John Mayer told me never to name drop’. ‘Name-dropping’ is the art of trying to make yourself look better by rattling off the names of the famous or influential in your field. It’s a double edged sword, because if you do it, then you can be labeled as such, which is not a good thing, but if you don’t then people may not have any idea who you have worked with. The argument against the latter is that if you were, in fact, that important, then people should know with whom you have worked. It’s tough being famous, you know? I hate using the word ‘I’, but since this blog is all about me, then it is inevitable. It is also inevitable that I will sneak out a famous reference every now and then. If it adds to the story, it’s OK. If you are saying it just to say it, then it’s name dropping.

A friend once told me (famous name drop withheld on purpose) that he still gets a kick out of touring, especially flying a long way to play. This was years ago, and in reference to doing a USO tour, but his words still reverberate in my ears. He said ‘You know, I started playing guitar in my bedroom to entertain myself, and if someone wants to fly me halfway around the world to play music, it still blows my mind. It all started so simply, and not even for others.’ How right he is. It is truly humbling when someone buys me a plane ticket to have me play somewhere. Few things are more flattering.

So when I see that I am flying to some exotic location (like Secaucus) for a show, then I do get excited. This occurs for three key reasons : a) Like I said before, being given a plane ticket to play somewhere is humbling. b) I love to fly, and c) frequent flier miles. After our USO trip a couple years ago, I was upgraded on Delta to Silver status, which upgraded me to first class with free baggage for a year. Score!

This exotic airport location was Ontario. California, for those Canucks that just got excited for a second. Our gig was at the theater in San Bernadino, which is a beautifully restored old-school vaudeville theater in the heart of downtown. But since we flew in the day before, that meant we had the morning of the show to get into some things. My dear friend CC came and picked us up, and the next thing I know, Andy, Brock, and myself were in Chino, home of the Planes of Fame Museum.

This was my second trip to Planes of Fame, and again, I was like a kid in a candy store.  There were planes from every era, and most of the warbirds were still being flown.  In a rare treat, we watched an F4U-Corsair taxi and take off, and the museum staff was busy readying six other planes for a show the following day.  I was excited that Brock and Andy were excited.  We were about a minute away from dropping $1700 on a flight in a B-25, but we decided against it.  It WILL happen, and I will film the whole thing!  In the meantime, here are some shots from the museum.





After a healthy stop at In n Out burger, then it was off to theater for a ridiculously long sound check, a quick dinner, then it was showtime before we knew it.  The theater also houses a number of musicals, so backstage had a few props, some of which they left out in the ope.  Note: If you own a playhouse, lock up your stuff around band guys.  We are children and bore easily. So for the encore, the band donned wigs from backstage.  Mine was a sassy red number resembling Peg Bundy from Married With Children.  And the damn thing was hot, by the way!  Even for the 5 minutes I had it on.


After what seemed like 5 hours in the air on Saturday (oh yea, it WAS 5 hours in the air), I was finally home, and showered and trying to get over my cold.  Just being home made me feel a little better, and yesterday, as the Steelers played, I felt great.  It’s amazing what a little couch time will do.  The latest update on Diesel – he’s settling in nicely – still on the fence about keeping him, but again, how can you pass up this face?



That’s all the news that’s fit to print this week.  Busy, busy days ahead of us, so buckle up!  See you on the road!



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