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Shinybass journal entry 10-15-15

And I wonder…

Good morning! It’s another beautiful day, at least here in the big city, and I hope that you are getting out and enjoying this Autumnal weather. I love that word. It says to me that it’s time for the fire pit, robust red wines, and lots of chicken wings. Good stuff all the way around. It also signals (for some of us), the end of baseball season, watermelon, and bathing suit weather. There’s always next year…

There are days, weeks, months that go by when I have to pinch myself. The things we get to do, both on and off the road are pretty staggering. I am, to my core, a music fan. That is to say I still get giddy around my idols, and I have a deep appreciation for all things musical (except that pesky jazz piece in college I couldn’t quite nail). I don’t have a ton of time at home to see live music (that will change as the touring season slows and I can get out to see some bands), but when something special comes to town – and it seems in Nashville that’s like every week – then one has to jump.

The garage band Foo Fighters paraded their musical-landscape changing attitude into the Bridgestone Arena on Oct 5, and somehow my wife and I found ourselves with some great credentials, enjoying the lavish backstage gathering in Club Rami. It’s not really that lavish. It’s some pipe and drape in the visitor’s locker room, but it was filled with friends that I haven’t seen in a while, had fancy beverages, and a private bathroom. It’s not a bad way to enjoy a concert.

I’m not bragging on the accommodations, I promise. The only reason I mention it is that I have become a truly crusty and jaded individual (and pretty much an old man), and have now realized the comfort of better beer, closer bathrooms and ear plugs at concerts. Not to say I don’t get down with the get down. We were seated behind Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick, and he still gets down with the get down, so I’m safe. If you have the chance to see the Foo’s – do it – and you will thank me later.

IMG_7497 IMG_7508

The next day we were invited to a very special event in Nashville (again). I told you crazy stuff happens, and I pinch myself daily. We were invited to see our dear friend Steve Cropper receive his star on the Nashville Walk of Fame. Other inductees were Johnny Cash (his little brother was there for him), Miranda Lambert, and EW ‘Bud’ Wendell. It was a pretty big day, and we were honored to be part of it.

IMG_7513 IMG_7524

The rest of the week was just normal stuff. You know, the usual yard work, being a Dad, and maintaining this thing we call a career. Some people take time at happy hour to unwind, some like walks in the park. Occasionally, I’ll hit my local hardware store. I look around in awe of all the things I could build or fabricate (if I knew how to build or fabricate), and then buy my weed eater cord and move on. With the warm weather, the garden center has been rocking, and that’s where I took these great pictures. That’s right – mystery solved. Not a yard or a botanic garden. Lowes.


So enough frolicking. It’s time to hit the road. This time it was due North. Serious north. Manitowoc, WI. It was my first time in Manitowoc. Wow. What a cool little downtown area, and the theater was amazing. I love the old theaters of the 20’s, and I applaud the small towns for what amounts to a crazy amount of money to keep it all rolling for future generations. There is a great used CD and vinyl store just across the street from the theater. I highly recommend it if you are in town.

IMG_7540 IMG_7543

The crowd that night was electric. You Wisconsinites know how to bring the party. Speaking of party – there is a little place behind the theater that most people won’t get into, but was right in our wheelhouse. It’s called the Stage Door Pub, and it’s located in a house built in the 1850’s. The bar is literally 2 rooms. One room is the bar, one is a ‘parlor’, with antique furniture, a bunch of really old maps and photos, and an antique piano in the corner. Oh, and a bartender dressed like a priest. Who happened to play piano. Next thing I know, I am singing ‘Mack the Knife’. It was a great intimate hang with Phil and the band. We may have sang some songs from Sound of Music. I’m just saying.


The next morning we woke up in Columbus, OH next to a Cracker Barrel. If I had written that last sentence while on Spring Break in Panama City, it would be bad, yet somehow while on tour, it’s OK. Pumpkin pancakes anyone? Yes, please. Big show at the Hollywood Casino that night? Yes, please. It was my first time at that room, and from our hosts to the crowd, it was a huge night.

I realize this is a couple weeks behind, however, I’ll have more to come in the days ahead about our East Coast swing which was full of adventure and shenanigans. Thanks again to everyone who asks about Henry on the road, and I always appreciate the well-wishes. Also a big thank you to you, the reader, for making this blog special for me, week after week.

See you on the road!


2 thoughts on “Shinybass journal entry 10-15-15”

  • Shinybass-or as my husband shouts “Steve Cook” Hey! As I said that night(Seaglass,Salisbury,MA)you are a Great writer. A book in the future is anticipated!! Can’t wait to see y’all in Plymouth NH. Just a few weeks away! Always enjoy PV Music. It is ALWAYS a great night/day out with y’all.Peace,Love,Music…

  • Steve
    I just had the pleasure of meeting and taking to you fri night at the blue ocean. I have seen the band 12 times. You were very gracious and candid to answer my questions about playing from prayer of a common man album. I really appreciated it. The show was a little different and fabulous. So nice to meet you. Just started following you on Twitter and found this blog. Will Keep reading. Thanks

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