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Shinybass journal entry 10-22-13

I need a snorkel.

Good morning.  Fall is upon us, officially now, according to the Ford Autumnal Equinox, which comes fully equipped with cup 11 cup holders and a kleenex dispenser for all the tears your college and pro football teams have created over the past week.  I love the competition.  I love that the powerhouses can come from nowhere.  My Steelers are 2-4.  The Chiefs are 7-0.  That stinks.  I’m kidding, I actually like it, just because I loathe seeing the same teams in the playoffs year after year.  In the same line of thinking, I especially despise college football because of the powerhouses and (ahem – legitimate recruiting).  Beyond the Rolling tides, the Rocky Tops, and the touchdown Jesus-es, you also get into the whole conference battles on top of the football game.  Sports bars are always talking about the better conferences, which again, all comes down to cash (doesn’t it always?). Well, folks, you can take your Big Ten out of your Sun Belt and stick it in your SEC.  I just don’t care.

And speaking of in-fighting, we started our very busy week in Washington, DC. (wow what a segue!)  It was actually in Alexandria, VA, at the legendary Birchmere Theater.  I was able to catch up with some old friends at the show (including YOU, John Reedy!), and luckily our next show was a private show at the Convention Center in DC, so we actually stayed in a hotel room with running water and everything.  Gotta love that.  On a day in a great city such as DC, I am usually pumped to see the sights and get my history on.  Well, with that there government shutdown going on, the Mall and all the museums were a ghost town, which actually made for a wonderful run.  Jefferson and I ran about 3 miles that crisp morning, seeing protests at the WWII memorial and the Lincoln Memorial as we ran.  I think we were breaking the law by just being on the Mall, so add that to my list.  J Dawg and I spent the rest of the morning at the Spy Museum, which I am sure was making bank with the rest of the shutdown.  It’s a great museum, and the James Bond exhibit was exceptional.  The picture below is a prop from a particularly delicate torture scene.  I cringed when I saw it, and here’s to hoping the men folk reading this never have this kind of day.  To celebrate, Jdawg and I went for lunch then ice cream.  I snapped the moment when the sprinkle machine got the best of him.  What happened to us?  We used to brag about shots and staying up until dawn. Now we’re jogging and excited about ice cream.  Someone book a trip to Studio 54 quick so we can fix this.


After DC, we ambled all of 125 miles up to Wilmington, DE for another theater show.  We tried to go for a run, except, well, Wilmington was not high on the ‘runner-friendly’ list this year.  After a mile and a half of dodging traffic and shady characters, we packed it in.  The theater was a real treat.  Built in 1871, this gem was a blast to play, and the bar across the street made for a fine end to a fine evening.  And all the more better because we had the next day off in CT.  Oh, and I forgot – check out this shot from the corporate show with the ‘Powerful Oz’ shot of Phil.


With a day off in Uncasville, home of Mohegan Sun, the boss rented us a big ol’ SUV, and we took a little family outing to Mystic.  I had never been to Mystic, and of course only knew of the movie with the town’s pizza joint as the backdrop.  What a great little place.  We saw the old whaling ships and took in all the old houses and shops like good little tourists.  The leaves were just starting to change, which made the drive so much prettier.  Again, a fine day trip, and a wonderful distraction.  Our show the next night at Mohegan Sun’s Wolf’s Den was a blast as well.  I always like playing there, and I had some family come out, so again, a win – win.  Except for slots.  Not a win-win. And no refunds.


Continuing our trek through the NorthEast, our bus landed in Boston at the House of Blues.  For those that don’t know, the House of Blues is directly behind Fenway.  Being a baseball fan, I have always wanted to see a game at Fenway, but the chance hasn’t presented itself.  There was a pretty important game going on Saturday night, and alas, I wouldn’t see this one, either.  I did take a walk with Boston native Jefferson around his old neighborhood, and I just fell in love with the place.  His old apartment is a trendy clothing store now, but the ice cream shop is still directly next door.  Pretty cool stuff.  We visited the Mapparium, which is worth the price of admission, and below, you’ll find a picture I am proud that I snapped.  It’s the little things.  Or little puppies.


So with the show at HOB ending at 9:30, we were slated to pull out at 11PM.  As the game progressed, the police thought it was a good idea to move the bus before that, with one of Boston’s finest screaming and cursing at us to leave.  So we did.  And left one of our crew in the process.  He cabbed it to us and made it back, the Sox made it to the World Series, and the bus stayed uncharred.  And big thank you to Chrissy for the excellent Boston Red Sox shirt.  I will wear it proudly since my wife is a Cards fan.  THAT should stir the pot nicely.

Day 6, 7, whatever… York, PA.  Another great theater.  Another historical town.  Then a sledgehammer hit me in the chest.

J Dawg has a friend who brought his family to the show.  This man’s 10-year old son, Seth, has brain cancer.  At age 10.  He’s had multiple operations, been having a tough go with chemo, and all the while has stayed positive and fighting.  He was our guest of honor at the show, and he was a real treat to meet and see.  Jeff wanted him on stage during the show’s closer of ‘Piano Man’, and Seth was a little hesitant to walk out.  His 6 year-old little brother grabbed his hand and said ‘Don’t be scared, I’ll go with you’, and I lost it.  My day instantly went away – all the frustrations, problems, little whatevers – it all suddenly didn’t matter.  Seth is a brave, brave little man, and taught a whole bus a thing or two that night.  Thanks Seth.  And I’ll beat you at arm wrestling next time!

Home.  That’s where I rested my weary head last night.  Finally.  Looking back at the past week, I went from hot to cold to amazed to enlightened in 7 days.  If every week were this good, I’d be a happy, happy man.

For those that watch the ABC show ‘Nashville’, I will be appearing as ‘bass player’ (quite an acting stretch) on tomorrow night’s episode.  Tune in, then point and laugh.  I’ll write a little more about that later.  But in the mean time, thanks for indulging my egocentric-dramatic side.

See you on the road!!!







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  • great blog this week steve. it was really a great time following you guys around the east coast. love the pics, and i always enjoy your stories.

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