Steve Cook's soul, song, and sweat.

Scissors (Music and Video)




For the past 7 years, I have been working in Final Cut Pro on everything from music videos to promotional demos for amplifier companies.  I have either produced or assisted on projects for many artists, including shooting, directing, and editing of web content as well as full-length videos.  Below is a link a sample of my current work with Phil Vassar.



Music Cues


In working with so much video, the need presented itself for music cues, so I began writing (and recording) music to back my web content, then moved to television commercials, and finally a television show.  I composed the opening and closing theme songs for The Canadian Tradition, as well as writing many of the music cues heard on that TV show’s web site.  My cues have been used in various productions on TV and the web, running the gamut from rock to R&B to country.  If you have a specific feel or need for your project, please let me know, and I can make it happen.




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