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Shinybass journal entry 04-04-14

Son, you’re gonna be late to your own funeral…

Good morning and happy hello from the front lounge of the bus, that magical white submarine that is our home for more than half of the year. I call it magical because unlike the trips I take from home, I fall asleep and then wake up in the next town. This is the good stuff. No #2 on the bus, this is the not-as-good stuff. I’m a day late and a dollar short in my journal updates, but man, words are hard. And if the journals were filled with intentions, then this update would read like War and Peace.

I didn’t update much last time, because we were off the road, and my personal projects are still motoring. But no one wants to see me in my studio setting the EQ on a keyboard demo. It’s just not that sexy. So I leave you all alone until we get back out, and you can visit towns vicariously through me. When I see the towns. Some days, most days, I see a bus, a shower, and the stage. Those in-between days are pretty fun, though.

Last week we played a couple of shows on the opposite ends of the spectrum. The first was at a truck convention in Louisville, KY. The redneck in you may be thinking 4×4, but these were actually semi-tractor trailer-type trucks. I have heard them called tractor-trailers, semis, trucks, and rigs, so I am not really sure where we played. All I know is I was like a small child looking at all these monstrous vehicles with the latest in technology. Without trucks, our country is completely stuck, so this is big business. And the numbers are so big, that if a truck can save even a half a mile a gallon, then it’s a breakthrough.

IMG_3805 IMG_3808

Since it was an acoustic show, Phil, Jeff and myself drove up, played the show, and skee-daddled. The kind folks at Bridgestone were wonderfully accommodating. They even gave away a rig valued at $150k. Not too shabby. We had to beat feet, since we had a midnight leave to get to Indianapolis.

8 Seconds Saloon. Every country act out of Nashville (and beyond) has played 8 Seconds. Since it’s only 5 hours from Nashville, it’s an easy ride, but if we rely on the gentle motion of the bus to rock us to sleep, then not much sleep will be had. Without a car on site, it can make for a long day, with the early arrival then a late show time. We didn’t hit until 11 PM. The venue was at capacity, and I offer a heart felt thanks for everyone who waited out the long day as well. You all kept us rockin as we rocked you. The perpetual rockin’ society was in full effect.

When we get home at 8 in the morning on a Saturday, it completely throws me off. First, being in town on a Saturday is odd in itself, but having an entire weekend at home is a nice treat indeed. It’s weed and feed season, I think, and there’s always something that needs to be done inside. And I know it will get crazier as the sound of tiny feet hit my hardwoods. So for now it’s Pandora and lemonade on the veranda.

After the two days off, we were at the Grand Ole Opry as the headliner on Tuesday night. I’m not being an ass here, but I’ve (sadly) lost count as to how many times I’ve been on the Opry. Coming from the rock side of things, I am always humbled that the Mother Church lets me through its doors every few months. I saw a lot of old friends at the show, and we played a song by Phil called ‘April Fools’, which has only been performed live twice: once with Carrie Underwood at the CMA fest after her American Idol run, and April 1, 2014. Our Carrie was Kellys Collins, a fantastic singer, and a sweetheart of a person. You can hear the archived copy on


Now you are sort of up to speed on our doings and undoings. The tires are starting to slow, which means I’ll be home to my family in a few short moments. The next entry will be in your face on Monday morning, so you only have a few short days to wait. Thanks again to everyone for making the week special, and for keeping us very very busy this summer.

See you on the road!

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